Bryna Dahlin & Dina Rollman teach Illinois' first cannabis law course

On January 19, 2017, Bryna Dahlin and Dina Rollman will begin teaching Cannabis Law & Policy at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.  The course will investigate the legal issues that state legalization of cannabis has brought to the fore. The class will begin with an overview of the current state and federal laws governing marijuana and the historical lead-up to those laws. The class will then delve into the intersection of marijuana laws with other legal topics, including federalism, product liability, employment law, intellectual property, social justice, and more.

Dina Rollman quoted in the Chicago Tribune article "Don't film your gas mask bong, and other life lessons from Laremy Tunsil case"

"Everybody acknowledges that college is a time when young people experiment with drugs and alcohol, and that maybe they don't exercise the best judgment while they're doing it," said Dina Rollman, a Chicago attorney specializing in cannabis law. "But don't record it — that could cause employers to question your judgment. It's reckless."

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